York Region Shooters – FC Vorkuta. Friendly game.

York Region Shooters – FC Vorkuta. Friendly game.

03 Apr 2018

On March 31, 2018 FC Vorkuta continued its 2018 season preparation by playing first friendly game of the season vs York Region Shooters – Canadian Soccer League 2017 playoff champions.

The game was played in the attacking course by both teams. Neither of the teams wanted to give up the ball and fought hard on every inch of the field. As a result an unfortunate injury forced Ivan Yanchev to leave the pitch on 15th minute. Ivan was replaced by Valerii Haidarzhi.

Denys Dyachenko opened the score on 20th minute beating York Region Shooters goalie one on one after receiving a pass from Oleksandr Lakusta.

On 34th minute hosts equalized the score when after a few deflections York Region Shooters striker took a one touch shot leaving no chances to our goalie Oleksandr Musiienko.

Nine substitutions were made by FC Vorkuta coach after the first half. Shortly after the second half kick-off Shooters scored their second of the night when a low cross were finished with one touch shot from 6 yards finding our goalie Sergei Semeno helpless.

Valerii Haidarzhi equalized the score on 65th minute after the solo-run by Dmytro Polyuganich. A nice back pass by Dmytro found Valerii in the box whose one touch shot found the far corner of Shooters net.

On 80th minute Shooters scored a game winning goal when Richard West headed the ball into top corner of FC Vorkuta’s net after the corner kick.

After that our players had a few opportunities to tie the game but got a little unlucky. As a result the 3:2 win for York Region Shooters.

FC Vorkuta line-up:

1st half: Musiienko – Volchkov, Lazar, Bidlovskyi, Gostiev (captain) – Riabyi, Yanchev (15′ – Haidarzhi), Melnik, Gramm, Dyachenko – Lakusta)

2nd half: Semeno – Sluka, Halchuk (captain), Bidlovskyi, Ursulenko – Haidarzhi, Doroshenko, Riabets, Polyuganich, Solonynko – Raskov.

31 Jan 2023

It’s times like this that we remember once again a comment by Gerry Gentile, an award-winning businessman and soccer coach in York Region just north of Toronto attempting to launch a coast to coast Canadian United Soccer League (CUSL) more than 20 years ago. “There’s nothing in the DNA of a Canadian that says he […]