20 May 2022

It’s been many years since Brantford Galaxy or Hamilton City SC were celebrated and in the limelight in the Canadian Soccer League standings or experienced a championship victory following the playoffs.

But that may change anytime now as the two clubs kickoff the upcoming new season once again as a combined BGHC 1 following the merging of player and technical resources which on paper and probably on the field as well are impressive enough to pose a legitimate challenge for the league title, perhaps the  CSL Championship and the Enio Perruzza Memorial Award.

The two teams, while in every respect except on the playing field are independent clubs and business entities, are putting the fans on notice they have a combined pool of more than 30 very good players for 2022, together with great coaching, all of which is expected to bring long overdue results to the two southern Ontario communities located just west of Toronto.

Coaches Matija Popovic of Hamilton City SC and Milan Prpa of Brantford Galaxy will have  the two rosters to choose from as they prepare for a season that will run from the end of May through to the end of October.

The merging of these two teams in a reduced compact CSL during another year with a single stadium venue continues to be necessary while COVID 19 is still a threat. Player movement internationally is still not back to normal in the scaled down semi-professional CSL But unlike many similar leagues around the world, the CSL has not missed a beat and is regaining its strength while on its way getting back to normal.

Hamilton City and Brantford Galaxy will continue to import players from Europe to join with the local squad of mostly permanent residents of Canada. The selection process is not an easy one, but Popovic and Milan Prpa are experienced career coaches, both from a part of Europe known for its strong presence in the world game.

“Respect is important both with your opposition and your own players, including how to accept not only winning, but losing as well,” said the highly regarded Popovic,  a certified coach in Europe with academy experience who retains an impressive detailed knowledge of his player’s skills and how individual players can contribute in a match.

‘Safe goalkeeper Stefan Avramovic’, the ‘quick defender Dinilo Simic’, ‘the very good creative attacking midfielder Sasa Vidovic’, ‘scorer Petar Djordjvic’, ‘reliable midfielder Uros Vidovic’ are just a few of the many players described as part of Popovic’s  knowledge and vocabulary when discussing players.

BGHC 1 will open its season against new entry Toronto Falcons on Sunday, May 29 when all six teams will be in action.

Sunday May 29 – Centennial Stadium – Toronto

2 PM – Scarborough vs York Region Shooters

4 PM – Toronto Falcons vs BGHC 1

6 PM – Serbian White Eagles vs  Continentals FC

 Brantford Galaxy Roster

Sasa Vidovic

Uros Vidovic

Miljan Milović

Petar Djordjevic

Aleksandar Bozovic

Aleksa Markovic

Milan Beader

Danilo Simic

Stefan Kozar

Vlade Bubnjevic

Aleksandar Kalabic

Janko Milosevic

Aleksa Rajić

Dušan Sasic

Nemanja Stijisavljevic

Miroslav Lovic

Milan Milosavljević

Head Coach: Milan Prpa

Owner: Bosko Borjan

Hamilton City Roster

Aleksandar Nikolic

Stefan Avramovic

Aleksandar Lasic

Miloš Vuruna

Djordje Vukobrat

Vukasin Kovacevic

Arsen Platiš

Dragan Antanasijevic

Nebojsa Ćetković

Tomislav Pinjuh

Luke Rankin

Joe Willingham

Luka Jankovic

Sandro Rajković

Ilija Bajčetić

Sava Arsic

Head Coach: Matija Popovic

Owner: Sasa Vukovic



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