THE CSL 2019 SEASON IN RETROSPECT – Part 4 – Some of the season’s highlights

THE CSL 2019 SEASON IN RETROSPECT – Part 4 – Some of the season’s highlights

30 Dec 2019

PICTURE: This was Scarborough SC’s third attempt in the past three years at winning the CSL Championship following two narrow defeats in the 2017 and 2018 finals. Just being there yet again was a highlight in itself for 2019 and the perseverance paid off with victory.

  Some of the season’s highlights:

 The biggest home win of the 2019 season was the 7-0 result by Vorkuta against Real Mississauga on June 15 which followed a 7-2 score by the same team over CSC Mississauga a week earlier on June 8.

The biggest away win was an 8-1 victory by CSC Mississauga against local rivals Real Mississauga on August 3.

Quickest goal of the season was scored by Vorkuta on in the first minute of play from the penalty spot against Real Mississauga on September 21. A foul in the box by Real Mississauga defender Vadim Gozbunov was recorded as 35 seconds following kickoff. Vorkuta captain Liubomyr Halchuk scored from the spot.

The most rapid scoring in the season came on June 22 when Vorkuta blitzed SC Waterloo with five goals in the first 20 minutes of play at the Ontario Soccer Centre.  The match eased up afterwards for a 5-1 score at the final whistle.

The CSL season’s first hat-trick was scored by Taras Kryvyy of FC Ukraine United on May 31. Kryvyy struck all three goals in a 3-0 Ukraine United victory over CSC Mississauga. The midfielder found the net at 14, 78 and 84 minutes.

Vorkuta won the CSL First Division on September 21 as a result of the 7-1 victory over Real Mississauga. The north Toronto-based club finished the season on September 28, unbeaten in 18 games, winning 15 with three draws.

Gonzalo Matias Cabrera Celis scored three for Scarborough in a 5-1 victory over Real Mississauga on June 8.

Mykola Temniuk scored a hat-trick in the 7-0 Vorkuta victory over Real Mississauga on June 15 – then repeated for three goals in the Vorkuta 5-1 victory over SC Waterloo on June 22.

Matthias Garcia led CSC Mississauga with a hat-trick in a 4-0 victory over Kingsman SC at Esther Shiner Stadium on June 16 the goals coming at 10, 35 and 53 minutes.

Pavlo Lukianets scored a hat-trick in the Ukraine United 5-2 defeat of CSC Mississauga on July 14.

Sayid Belmokhtar scored a hat-trick for Kingsman in a 4-2 victory over Serbian White Eagles on August 3.

Aleksander Stojiljkovic, scored three in a 3-3 draw with Kingsman on August 10. He’s the Scarborough captain.

Vladimir Strizovic scored four goals for Serbian White Eagles in a 6-3 victory over Brantford Galaxy on July 26.

Molham Babouli scored four goals in his first game played September 8 after signing for Ukraine United. Ukraine United defeated Brantford Galaxy 5-0. Babouli also scored a hat-trick in Ukraine United’s last regular season game, a 5-2 defeat of Real Mississauga on Oct 1.

Scarborough SC won its first CSL Championship, defeating FC Ukraine United by a 2-0 score at Centennial Stadium on October 26. The championship win followed two seasons – 2017 and 2018 when the Toronto east-end side reached the final game only to be defeated in a penalty kick shootout following extra time.


First Division Winner: FC Vorkuta

Second Division Winner: FC Vorkuta B



FC Vorkuta 2, Kingsman A 2 (after extra time) Kingsman wins 4-2 on penalty kicks

Scarborough SC 2,  CSC Mississauga 1 (after extra time)

SC Waterloo 1, Serbian White Eagles 1 (after extra time) Waterloo wins 5-4 on penalty kicks

FC Ukraine United 1, Hamilton City 1 (after extra time) Ukraine United wins 4-3 on penalty kicks


SC Scarborough 4, Kingsman A 2

FC Ukraine United 5, SC Waterloo 3


Scarborough SC 2, FC Ukraine United 0


The two top teams in the regular season standings, FC Vorkuta B and Serbian White Eagles B, gained a bye to the semifinals

CSC Mississauga B 1, Brantford Galaxy B 0

Hamilton City B 3, Kingsman B 2


FC Vorkuta B 5, Hamilton City B 1

Serbian White Eagles B 2, CSC Mississauga B 0


FC Vorkuta B 2, Serbian White Eagles B 0







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