16 Jan 2018

For the first season in the Canadian League FC Vorkuta, which is supported by many Ukrainian players, won the championship title.

We talked about the success of the team with the general manager of FC Vorkuta Denis Yanchuk. Denis is a native of Khmelnytsky who defended the colors of Podillya, and has lived in Canada since 2010.

The general manager of the Toronto team shared plans for the club, and also analyzed the game of Pupil Bukovina football.

“Our priority is the Ukrainian football market”

– Denis, what is the history of FC Vorkuta?

– The club was founded in Toronto in 2008 by a group of Russian-speaking football lovers. And the foundation is laid by two people – local lawyer Igor Demichevym, who is currently the general sponsor of the club, as well as Samad Kadyrov. The club is bound by its name to a small homeland of the founder of the club, who was born and raised in the city of Vorkuta.

The logo “Vorkuta” consists of several iconic elements. In addition to the wedge leaves (traditional Toronto colors) and a soccer ball, the barbed wire is depicted on the logo – a tribute to the difficult history of the city in the polar circle, as well as the informal display of the uncompromisingness of our team on the field.

– When did you join the club?

– I joined FC Vorkuta in the fall of 2016. It was then that they decided to take part in the CSL (Canadian Football League).

– Were they expecting to win the Canadian league for the first season?

– Our task for the season was to create a capable team and complete the regular championship in the top three. And afterwards, we realized that we could compete for victory in the debut season.

– What teams were the main competitors in the fight for the championship title?

– The fight went to the end of the championship. In the three rounds before the end of the race to victory claimed three teams – FC Vorkuta, Italian Shooters (last year’s champions of the regular championship) and Serbian White Eagles (winners of the stage of the playoffs), but thanks to the experience and skill of our performers, we just won the championship title.

– How was the composition of FC Vorkuta on the eve of last season?

– Formation of the warehouse lasted several months. I and Samad Kadyrov personally flew to Ukraine to watch the players. It was also important to talk, and also to understand how much a person can adapt to the new environment.

– Which representatives of the countries protect the colors of the team?

– Our priority is the Ukrainian football market. The difficult economic situation in Ukrainian football allows us to get quality clubs in our club. I do not think that such a player as Oleg Kerch would have joined us another 4-5 years ago. We also have Croat, Bulgarian, Georgian.

“All former players of” Bukovina “have expressed a desire to continue the appearances in our team”

– Your assessment of the work of the mentor “Vorkuta” of the ex-player of Dynamo Kyiv Sergey Zaitse?

– The fact that the team became the champion best describes the work of Sergei Zayts.

Mikhail RYABIY

– Who was the leader of FC “Vorkuta” last season?

– I am convinced that the main factor for our team of championship title is the availability of a long spare bench. We had the opportunity to make painless rotation of the warehouse. Especially I would like to note the players of the middle line – Oleg Kerch, Valery Gaydarzy, Denis Dyachenko, Mikhail Ryabogo. It was thanks to these performers that we controlled the pace of the game and made it more acute.

– How do you rate the game of the pupils of Bukovina football, Oleg Kerch, Mikhail Ryabogo, Oleksandr Lakusty, and also the goalkeeper Oleksandr Musienko, who at one time performed in Chernivtsi?

– I appreciate the game of Pupils of Bukovina football in a very positive way. Each of them played an important role in gaining the championship. Alexander Musienko confidently acted at the last turn. And Oleg Kerch is a leader and captain of the team. Mikhail Ryaby significantly strengthened the game in the attack at the end of the season. Unfortunately, Alexander Lakusta was injured, but we are expecting him an effective game in the 2011 season.


– Will Bukovin players play FC Vorkuta next season?

– All former players of “Bukovina” have expressed a desire to continue the appearances in our team. It is also possible to announce that Igor Melnyk, another ex-footballer of “Bukovina”, will strengthen FC Vorkuta in the 2018 season.

– Will there be serious changes in the team?

– Our team left a few important players. Among them are Ruslan Zarubin, brothers Vladimir and Vitaliy Rudy, as well as Oleg Shutov. With absolute confidence, we can say that in the season – 2018 we will strengthen Volodymyr Bidlovsky (ex-player of the Carpathians and Alexandria), Serhii Ursulenko (previously played for the teams “Balkans” and “Pearl”), Bogdan Riabets (“Avangard” , Kramatorsk), Bogdan Dehtyaruk (speaking for the Khmelnytsky “Podillya”) and Igor Melnyk mentioned earlier.

There is still plenty of time before the season begins. Therefore, with many football players, we are still in talks. I would like to rejuvenate the warehouse somewhat. I do not rule out that in the end of February – early March we announce interesting transfers of football players that are well-known to the general public of Ukrainian football fans.

“One of the main areas of our future work is the involvement of fans”

– Where does the team conduct their home matches?

– Last season our home matches were held in the heart of the North York area – the Esther Shiner stadium. That same year, we have not yet decided on the home scene.

– Does FC Vorkuta already have its fans?

– We are still quite young team, but their game deserved sympathy for many fans. One of the main areas of our future work is the involvement of fans.

– What is the Canadian Football League?

– The Canadian Football League is very specific. Almost every team has an ethnic component. Most teams have Balkan roots. There are many strong players who have played in serious European clubs.

– When does the new season start in the Canadian Football League? What tasks will the team face?

– The new season will begin in mid-May. Our composition allows us to count on wins in all tournaments in which we will take part. I am sure that next season we will be even stronger. Follow our news and results on, and join our Facebook group.

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