SC Waterloo – FC Vorkuta

SC Waterloo – FC Vorkuta

18 Jun 2018

FC Vorkuta jumped into a four-point lead in the standings with a 3-1 defeat of SC Waterloo, the only game in the CSL First Division Saturday.
Vorkuta took the lead at 23 minutes at RIM Park, Waterloo, a goal by midfielder Iaroslav Solonynko who took a pass from Oleg Kerchu and with a powerful drive from the edge of the box found the net just inside the post and out of reach of Waterloo goalkeeper Marko Jelic.
Solonynko struck a second goal to give Vorkuta a 2-0 lead at 37 minutes. Striker Sergii Ivliev collected a long ball before finding Solonynko who drove the ball into the top corner of the net. It was 2-0 at the interval.

Ivliev increased the lead to 3-0 just three minutes into the second half, taking a pass from Oleksandr Volchkov and with only Jelic to beat in the Waterloo goal, the striker found the corner of the net.

Volchkov scored in his own net for an own goal to reduce the score to 3-1 following a miscue with Vorkuta goalkeeper Oleksandr Musiienko. A header intended as a pass back ended in the back of the net at the 65th minute mark. Waterloo came close to a second goal at 80 minutes but failed to score and it was 3-1 at the final whistle.

FC Vorkuta improved to a 4-0-1WLT record for 13 points and SC Waterloo have a 1-2-0 record for 3 points and sixth in the league table.

Stan Adamson (c)

16 Oct 2023

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03 Mar 2021