SC Scarborough – FC Vorkuta

SC Scarborough – FC Vorkuta

10 Jul 2018

On July 8, 2018 FC Vorkuta played an away game vs in-form SC Scarborough at Birchmount Stadium.

Despite the absence of four players due to red cards in previous game, SC Scarborough quickly scored an opening goal. A give away leads to an excellent cross to the far post where FC Vorkuta defence totally forgot about Kavin Bryne. Former Jamaican international makes no mistake with easy finish. 1:0.

On the 18th min mark Kavin Bryne makes it 2:0 – after receiving a break-through pass from his team mate Kavin goes one on one with FC Vorkuta goalie Oleksandr Musiienko and leaves him with no chance to save his team from big trouble.

FC Vorkuta then scored with a powerful drive by Mykhailo Riabyi which left Scarborough goalkeeper John Trye with little chance before the ball entered the top corner of the net for a 2-1 lead at 25 minutes in favor of Scarborough.

FC Vorkuta players kept attacking but an excellent counter-attack by SC Scarborough resulted in a goal by Hammud Ali Atif. 3:1 on 33 mins mark.

FC Vorkuta players minimized the score on 35th min when a cross from Oleh Kerchu finds Bohdan Riabets who headed in a powerful shot into the top corner of SC Scarborough net and it was 3-2 at the break.

Vorkuta pressed for an equalizer in the second half, but former Sierra-Leonne international goalkeeper John Trye saved on several opportunities including a penalty kick awarded to the visitors and taken by midfielder Oleh Kerchu.
3:2 is the final score and FC Vorkuta goes on a short two weeks break three points ahead of SC Scarborough and FC Ukraine United.

FC Vorkuta: Musiienko – Volchkov (80′ Kezic), Tarasenko, Yaremchuk (78′ Gramm), Bidlovskyi – Kerchu (captain), Riabyi, Haidarzhi (46′ Ivlev ), Solonynko, Ursulenko (61′ Gostiev) – Riabets

In Canadian Soccer League “B” division league leading FC Vorkuta”B” played an away game vs SC Milton.
Final score is 8:2 for FC Vorkuta with goals scored by Sergii Melnyk (4) (from the left on the photo), Kristijan Kezic (2), Dmytro Polyuhanych and Oleksandr Lakusta.

FC Vorkuta: Krasovskyi – Alieksieiev, Kiselov, Sluka, Lazar (captain) – Doroshenko (46′ Lakusta), Khmyzov, Raskov, Sergii Melnik, Polyuhanych – Kezic.

26 Aug 2020

PICTURE: At Khmelnytskyi Oblast (Province), Ukraine, where FC Vorkuta striker Fadi Salback is on trial,  reports suggest the team,  FC Podillya Khmelnytskyi, is pleased with his play and are close to offering a contract. That’s a rare occurrence  for a high level mid or Eastern European team where local talent is in abundance  and opportunities  […]

03 Mar 2021